Time Management Tips

Yesterday, a former high-school classmate asked me how I manage to work full-time and attend school full-time — and get everything done. I think he just started work on his master’s degree, and he also has a family to be involved with. He has even less time than I do, most likely, for school. Regardless, I did share some of my tips. They may or may not work for him (or for others), but they work for me. (At least so far, they have).

  • Monday-Friday, I get home from work and focus on school until 7:00 PM. No earlier. No later.
  • I try to get at least one full assignment completed daily. That could be a paper, a discussion forum post, or discussion forum replies.
  • I take at least one day off each week.
  • Saturday is my “catch-up” if behind day, though I try to not work more than 3 hours on school.
  • Sunday? Prep for the next week. Download or print journal articles/readings, print out an assignment list.
  • I use Zotero to organize my library (which reminds me, I need to purge stuff and reorganize). He does, too. (Bonus points!)


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