It’s always good to learn new things. This term, we discussed triangulation and its use with qualitative research methods. For my proposed dissertation, I had planned to use a focus group for part of the research. Now? I’m pondering the use of focus groups AND in-depth interviews. This will allow to gather similar data from two groups of people using two different methods. This is data triangulation and helps with study validity, as well. 

My research is mixed-methods, so while I have qualitative methods listed above, I do have some quantitative methods as well. Too much? Not at all. If I’m getting data, I may as well analyze as much as I can with regards to how things compare/relate/etc. 

I keep forgetting to post. Sorry. (Sorry to myself, as nobody really reads this. And that’s okay!)

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Motivation (& the lack of)

Recently, I suffer from a lack of motivation. Right now, in another window, I’m writing this week’s paper for my strategic planning class. Typically, I’m done with all assignments prior to the weekend. The weekend is my “Matt time” and my opportunity to relax and prepare for the upcoming modules. 

Fall & winter are here, and having darkness start at 3:30 PM is unsettling. It makes me tired. And it makes me want to NOT work on assignments when I get home from a long day at work. 

I need to figure out a way to stay focused. I need to complete assingment in a timely fasion (even though they aren’t due until Sunday at midnight). I need to have a better work-life-school balance. Augh (as Charlie Brown would say). 

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Previously, I had two external monitors attached to my laptop. One of those monitors, though, had a lower resolution than the other two. (One of these things is not like the other… One of these things just doesn’t below…).

To rectify that issue, I purchased another monitor and had planned to just dispose of the low-res one. I’m not sure what changed my mind, but I ended up getting a monitor stand and adapter (the low-res did not have a VESA mount, either). Now I have a four monitor set-up — one of those four being my laptop. 

Why do I need four monitors? I don’t. But they’re nice…

Monitor 1: University website

Monitor 2: Zotero (my reference manager software)

Monitor 3: Library website

Monitor 4: Facebook and Google Play Music

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