Greetings & salutations (Christian Slater’s character in Pump up the Volume used that phrase often; one of my favorite movies of the 1980s)!

I’m Matt.

This website is more a personal repository than a method of social networking. I started my doctoral degree about a year ago (Fall of 2017), and quite a bit of scholarly research supports the idea of personal journals and self-reflection. MattCoenenDotCom will be used to document my doctoral journey — including the dissertation/research process.

My personal goal is to write an entry at least once per week. Does it have to be scholarly? Heck, no. Remember, this is my website; it’s not an assignment for a class or a requirement for a project.


As an aside, anything posted — whether by me or anybody leaving a comment — may be used or referred to in future publications/writings. All comments and items published by persons other than me will remain anonymous and confidential. If you have questions about this privacy information, please contact me via the Contact page in the main menu.  A more detailed Privacy Policy can be found via the link on every page footer. Happy reading, and welcome to MattCoenenDotCom.