It’s always good to learn new things. This term, we discussed triangulation and its use with qualitative research methods. For my proposed dissertation, I had planned to use a focus group for part of the research. Now? I’m pondering the use of focus groups AND in-depth interviews. This will allow to gather similar data from two groups of people using two different methods. This is data triangulation and helps with study validity, as well. 

My research is mixed-methods, so while I have qualitative methods listed above, I do have some quantitative methods as well. Too much? Not at all. If I’m getting data, I may as well analyze as much as I can with regards to how things compare/relate/etc. 

I keep forgetting to post. Sorry. (Sorry to myself, as nobody really reads this. And that’s okay!)

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UpStrem Project Management Plugin for WordPress



Holy plugins, Project Manager Batman. 

I had no idea WordPress had project management plugins. Zero. Nada. 
Remember the previous post in which I mentioned we had to create some type of dissertation project map, and I used Excel to create a Gantt chart? Well, now I can use my blog/website to track my progress. I’m so excited!

Now I have to transfer milestones/tasks to the project. I’m using UpStream in a very minimal capacity, as I’m the only person working on this project, but it will help keep me on track. And, honestly, playing around with this website and WordPress is relaxing for me. (And I lose track of time!)

(They also have a little fishy as their logo. How fun is that?)


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Dissertation Timeline

So. In the first (of many) doctoral seminar classes, we were tasked with creating some sort of dissertation timeline. A map, if you will, of where we are, where we are going, how we will get there, and roadblocks we may encounter.

The class resources page online suggested a PERT chart. Not really my style. Or using an infographic at Canva (online design-type software). I don’t have time to learn new software.

I decided to do somewhat of a Gantt chart using Excel. Why? I already own the software (well, rent it, technically), and I refuse to spend money on additional software I would only use once. I did find a template online; thanks for that, Vertex42. Now I have an actual timeline/map that is functional and usable.

I kind of like it. And this is one assignment that is extremely worthwhile!

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