Almost “Winter Break” Time

One more day of work (Friday). And a day I have to be at a clinic for a 7:00 meeting. I have a lot to do, and hopefully I can leave the office tomorrow on a high note. Today, it took me almost 2 hours to get home. Traffic was insane; I feel it will be the same tomorrow. (Let’s cross our fingers that the powers-that-be let us leave a little early). 

What are my weekend/holiday plans? I’m on call for the hospital, and that’s 24/7. I will keep my phone with me at all times. I will be alone this year, which is fine. I’m getting some new furniture delivered Saturday, so I’m going to spend a lot of time building stuff, rearranging, cleaning, and organizing — all stuff I like to do, honestly. I’ve already organized journal articles (printed copies), so all I need to do for school-prep is research newer articles on microlearning and upload them into Zotero. (And tag them and make sure their details are accurate). 

In a few, I’m going to order groceries from Amazon Fresh. I need to figure out what I want to make this weekend. I feel like trying something new…

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, everybody. 

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Zotero Library Page

I’d forgotten that Zotero automatically syncs my desktop library/research to my online account. Eventually, I’ll need to pay for more space online, but it’s only $20 per year — not too bad. 

I also found a WordPress plugin that displays my library here. Not that anybody will look for or download my actual items (they are not downloadable; I have turned that feature off), but having a page fits in with the purpose of this blog. 

I’m finding that playing around with MattCoenenDotCom can be fun and relaxing. (Hence the new stress relief category). 

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